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Monday, 29 August 2011

Stoops on Big Moor

It was back up to the moors this week to track down some of the elusive stoops.
Parked on the A621  close to the first stoop which was only about 100 yards up the track.
Geoff checking exposure
After finding the first stoop it was off looking for the disused Barbrook Reservoir.
Barbrook Res
Helping hand over the barbed wire
The first stoop was the largest and the next on the list is definately the smallest.

Rob brought his little friend

We went back towards Barbrook Res and then continued south until we stopped to have breakfast on an old bridge.
The next problem was getting accross the brook, fortunately Rob spotted a flat rock which only needed a small jump to get over to the other side.
JIm on the Barbrook Bridge!
It was a steep climb up to the next stoop and on the way i dropped one of my lenses from my pocket. Lucky for me Geoff spotted it.
Uphill from Barbrook
When we reached the stoop we could see another stone about 200 yds away and went to have a look. This turned out to be an aiming post, from that we could see others.
These would have been invaluable to travellers, especially in bad weather or snow.
Aiming Post
Another aiming post in B/W
Push harder !
Rob & Geoff went off to have a look at the next one which turned out to be a small cairn.
Robs pic of the cairn on Big Moor
Ike needs a stick now!!
Ike set off back to the car the same route we came, but we 3 decided to take a short cut.
It didn't look that far but unfortunately there was a big gully and brook between us and the track on the other side of the valley.
So we slowly went down to the barbrook 200 feet below, Geoff slid down some of it on his backside. crossed over the brook and climbed about 100 feet up to the track.
A small step for man but a giant leap for a 74 year old!!

Geoff made a slight detour to get a pic of this small stone circle
Remains of a stone circle

I have included my favourite pic from this week in black & white. Please tell me what you think.
My favourite pic from this week.

We got to the road just as Ike pulled up in the car.
Another great adventure.
Roll on next Sunday.

Monday, 22 August 2011

White Edge and Lady's Cross

This week we went looking for a couple of Derbyshires Stoops (These are old stone signposts dating from the 1600's, normally placed at the junction of old tracks or packhorse routes) on White edge Moor.
Parking on the A625 we walked up the hill about quarter of a mile past the Grouse Inn. (Note for future ref there is a lay by at The Grouse Inn).
We followed the footpath up through the woods and onto the fringes of White edge moor.
The first interesting object is marked on the map as a Hurkling Stone. Apparently there are several of these in Derbyshire but they are usually groups of stones or rocks but this one is a single slab of a rock. The only explanation i have seen for Hurkling Stone is that of a group of stones or crouching stone. I wonder if it means a place to shelter.
Geoff Ike & Rob at the Hurkling Stone
We plodded on looking for the Stoops with no luck so we headed off to find Lady's Cross on Big Moor. We did see a few deer just a hundred yards or so away from the Hurkling Stone.
Deer on Big Moor
We eventually got to Lady's Cross and were soon pondering its past use.
It turns out to be a medieval boundary marker for an ancient crossroads dating back from around 1263.
Its a grade 2 listed monument and was scheduled in 1951.
There are still visible inscriptions on the base "IR 1618 and initials MB".

Geoff at Lady's Cross
After finding the Lady's Cross we spotted a structure that could be a stoop so we set off through the heather (no footpath or track) until we found this upright stone and a slab bridge over Barbrook which were obviously very old. No markings on the stone so it couldn't be a stoop. It was a nice spot for breakfast so we perched on the bridge and had our fill.
Stone & Slab
 After breakfast it was back up the hill towards the Hurkling Stone and then on to White Edge.
Geoff plodding through the heather on Big Moor.

Ike going over the edge
Rob at White Edge

Jim at White Edge
Ike & Rob enjoying the views
We never did find the Stoops but that'll keep for another day.
Another brill day with fantastic weather.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Washgate Ford and Packhorse Bridge

The walk this week took us to the 18th century grade 2 listed packhorse bridge, spanning over the upper reaches of the river Dove.
We parked up in Hollinsclough and walked up the hill then right at the first footpath sign and around the contours of Hollins Hill up to Booth Farm, following the track to Leycote where we met Steve. The view from his cottage is to die for, to wake up to that every morning is priceless.
Continued down the packhorse route to the bridge. This is called Washgate Ford and Packhorse Bridge, apparently it was a sheepwash in generations gone bye and a lovely spot on the river Dove.
From the bridge its an uphill hike to the road above Hollinsclough, then down again into the village. The views over to Parkhouse Hill and Chrome Hill are superb. Chrome Hill is the larger of the 2 and a year ago we did that walk and had our breakfast on top of Chrome Hill.
This walk was only about 3 and half miles but well worth it.
The 4 of us on the bridge

Geoff with his new stick

Washgate Ford and the Packhorse Bridge

Trail up to Booth Farm

Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill

This is the Hollinsclough Tree
(Hollinsclough version of the Sycamore tree on Hadrians Wall)

Monday F1 Karting

Monday saw the annual trip down to Loughborough to the F1 Go Karting HQ for the Bell Trophy.
3 generations went on this session, myself, Paul & grandson Morgan.
I was Jackie Stewart, Paul was Button and Morgan was Vettel.
We all got involved in crashes and i got rammed in the back by grandson!!
The results this year were void because my Kart had no number to confirm my superb lap time. I claim the prize but it is being contested,
Roll on next year.

Saturday Archers

This was the 2nd visit for me to a tasters session with the Derbyshire Archery Club.
They operate on the field next to Nealies at Milford.
I'm just getting the hang of it, but iv'e probably left it a bit late for the olympics next year and probably to old for the 2016 games!!
Never the less it was great fun with terrific instruction and guidance from the Derbyshire members.
Pics show Robert of Blackbrook and Ivan the Hunter !!!
Robert of Blackbrook

Ivan the Hunter

Monday, 8 August 2011

Around Monsal Dale

This week we had a guest from Ireland and that made 5 of us.
We parked on the road opposite the Monsal Head Hotel and walked down to the footpath along by the river Wye. Passed Cressbrook Mill and onto Litton Mill where we crossed the river.
We walked along the old railway track until reaching Cressbrook tunnel then climbed to reach the upper footpath. Walked along until stopping opposite Cressbrook for breakfast.
After breakfast carried on back down to follow the railway track and over Monsal viaduct then back up to the car park.
Cracking walk with great derbyshire scenery.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Blackbrook Explorers at Minninglow

Hi all
this week we went to the ancient burial site at Minninglow in the heart of Derbyshire.
An easy 7 mile walk in great weather.
As usual set off at 6:30am and settled down for breakfast on one of the chambers at about 9:30.
On the way back one of us decided they had left there mobile at Minninglow.
So 2 of us walked another extra mile to go find it, i had to go because i was the only other person with a mobile.
We got back to Minninglow and i rang the missing phone to locate it. After several rings a lady answered the phone which had been found in the bathroom by the spouse of the person trampling around the undergrowth!!!.
Say no more.