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Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Longshaw Pole & Little John's Well

Unfortunately Ike fell over in his garden and had a badly knee so there were only 3 of us this week. I have been told it definitely had nothing to do with whiskey!!!
We travelled north up to the Longshaw estate to have a look at the Pole and Little John's Well.
We parked on the B6521 and from the road had some great views of Higger Tor & Carl Wark.
Longshaw Pole
The footpath from the road went gradually uphill, past the information cabin and then up through the woods to the pond.
Higger Tor & Carl Wark

Longshaw Pond

From the pond we trekked across to one of the Derbyshire Guide Stoops and got a few pics. The last time we were here it was a misty and dull day so this was an opportunity to get some decent pics.
Guide Stoop dated 1709 

Modern  companion stone with the original in the background.

Appreciation post to Dr. Ballard CBE
Founder of the Co op Rambling Club.
After the stoop we walked on up through some more woods until we came out at the Longshaw Pole.
The Pole is another guide post which travellers have used in centuries gone by. There is a stone tablet at the base which has a date of 1778 on it. The pole is periodically replaced by the National Trust whenever the old one is past its sell by date.

Typical footpath through the estate.

Rob taking a pic of the pole. The lone building in the background  is  White Edge Lodge  and is a holiday cottage belonging to the National Trust.
The Longshaw Pole is another guide post which travellers have used in centuries gone by 

Another view of Higger Tor

Because this was in a cow pat I've called it a TURD STOOL

Breakfast stop.

Look at the size of them cow pats.
 From the Pole we walked back along the track, had our breakfast then carried on towards Little John's Well which is basically a water trough fed by a spring. There several are steps down to the trough. There is a local connection with Little John with his grave being in Hathersage church yard just a couple of miles away.
Little John's Well
Little John's Well

Geoff photographing Little John's Well.

Steps up to the Dukes Seat

Rob taking in the view above the Dukes Seat.



The Dukes Seat

3 wise men on the throne

Rob & me.

Final shot of the day, Higger Tor & Carl Wark
This was a cracking little walk mostly on the level and took in some brilliant views.
Hopefully back up to full strength next week.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Doehole Fishing Water.

There were only 2 of us this week, myself and brother Rob, the other 2 had gone over to the dark side and went to Whitby for a week.
The upper pond
We thought we would just stick somewhere close by so we went looking for a couple of little known fishing ponds at Doehole which is close to Wessington.
We parked in a lay-by close to Scotland Nurseries on the B6014 just outside of Tansley. We planned the route at the roadside and just set off, we were soon off the road and onto a footpath.
At first the track was level then it turned down into an obvious old track way with huge ferns either side. There were some trees with branches arching right over the footpath giving a tunnel like appearance.
We got to a clear area before we had to go into the woods and were greeted by a couple of donkey's and a lovely horse. From there it was a steady decline through the woods until we reached a lane.
Greeted by donkey's and a horse

The Belper horse whisperer
Deep in the jungle something was stirring
Steep incline through the woods.
The lane eventually came out at the hamlet of Mathers Grave with a guide stoop built into the wall alongside the nameplate.

The lane comes out onto the A615 and a few yards down the road is the style for the footpath to Doehole. This lead across a barley field and then onto the fishing ponds.

 Apparently these ponds were the source for drinking water to the local population before being used for by the Lindway Fishing Club. Both ponds have tapes stretched across the water with objects hanging down from them. We think this is to stop Herons etc from pinching the fish!!!

Upper pond with tapes across the water.

Lower fish pond
 When we came away from the bottom pond we heard a right commotion coming from the sky and witnessed something quite remarkable. At first there was a heron squawking and chasing off a buzzard, then a crow attacked the buzzard, not his day.
Heron attacking a buzzard.
 When we got to the end of the lane into the fishing area there was a big gate, the fishermen have a key but we had to climb over.
The sign says all fishing club members should renew there keys every year,
After we climbed over the gate we tracked across fields towards Wheatcroft, we had to cross a small stream and then it was a bit of a climb to get onto the Wheatcroft lane.

This just needs a bit of polyfiller 
I never knew post boxes were as long as this. There must be 3 feet  buried into the ground.

Nice B & B
Never seen a road sign like this before.
Another old friend, guide stoop at the crossroads 
After getting through the farms at Wheatcroft it was a brisk walk back along the tarmac to the car.
Another great morning with decent weather and we covered almost 5 miles. We reckon the other 2 slow us down when they talk to much!!!
We're off looking at the heather next week while its still in flower.