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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Lathkill Dale and One Ash Grange

Four of us together after a few weeks away for various reasons. Geoff decided it was his turn to drive and Rob wanted to go and have a look at a couple of dew ponds for newts. So we set off at 06:00 and headed up to Monyash, we parked up just outside the village and walked through part of the village to the church yard where we set off towards Derby Lane. One of the dew ponds was dry so we pressed on passed Cales Farm and continued to One Ash Farm, this is a medieval farm with a lot of listed buildings including an C18 grade II listed pigsty. From One Ash Grange we headed down Cales Dale, the descent was a bit dodgy on the upper slippery lime stones, Geoff had to be particularly careful. We stopped for breakfast at the junction of Cales Dale and Lathkill Dale just before the wooden footbridge. Very little water in the river Lathkill at this point and none coming out of the Lathkill Head cave. We had a slow walk past Parsons Tor high on the side of the dale and on past the spill from Ricklow Quarry. Before we got to the car there was a little pond to have a look at and it was teaming with newts. Back to the car and off home.

Monyash Church

Ike, Geoff and Rob


Rob, Me & Ike

Pig Sty One Ash Grange

Pig Sty One Ash Grange

Shrine One Ash Grange

Entrance to the shrine One Ash Grange





Not much water in the river Lathkill

Lathkill Head Cave

Lathkill Head Cave




Rob & Ike looking for newts in the pond

Small pond teaming with newts

Geoffs car ready for the trip home.

 This was a 5 mile walk in mixed weather, it started out with low cloud and we never saw any sun until we were nearly at the end of the walk. Cool at times in the wind but warm in the shelter of the dale. Passed a couple of dew ponds but the best pond for newts was only 100 yards from the car.
A cracking walk thoroughly enjoyed it after the lay off.
See you net week.