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Monday, 20 January 2014

Brassington, The Kings Chair and those Carsington Wind Turbines

Geoff mentioned the Kings Chair a couple of weeks ago and it was his turn to drive so we headed up to Brassington and parked up in a lane called Wirksworth Dale. After booting up we carried on up the lane until we got to the footpath sign pointing north. It was quite misty at this time and the sun still hadn't broken the horizon.
This weeks route

 The fields in this area are just covered in old lead mine workings, it was like walking over a bomb sight. We carried on and crossed over the road and walked up the path alongside the only factory in the area, this brought us onto the Midshires Way just under Harborough Rocks.

This couple with there dog said they had done a 22 mile run the previous day and would be doing 10 miles this morning.
After a short walk along the Midshires Way we again crossed the road and got onto another footpath on Carsington Pastures. This led us past the wind turbines but because of the mist we had to get within 100 feet of them before we could see them. There are 4 of them absolutely huge structures, the mist started to fall away and they quickly came into view.
The mist was just starting to clear

Walking towards the Kings Chair we got some nice views of Carsington Water.

This limestone outcrop is known as the Kings Chair
 We had our breakfast next to the Kings Chair with great views of Carsington below us.
Jim, Geoff, Ike & Rob.

 From the Kings Chair we descended a very steep track to Carsington Village.
Geoff & Rob on the way down to Carsington

Rob in the Tunnel of Luvvv

Cottages at the top of Mining Lane

 After coming down Mining Lane we turned right and set off towards Brassington
Here's a nice des res just with great views of Carsington Water.

This looks like a redundant style

More views of the wind turbines from the track to Brassington.

This looks an old track

Pathway to heaven

Some great rocky outcrops around Brassington

St. James Church in Brassington

Rob taking in the view

Back at the car in the sunshine
This was just over 4 miles, it started off dull & gloomy but ended in sunshine with some nice views over Carsington Water. Some of the tracks were very muddy and the boots needed washing down straight away when i got home. A great little walk and i will do this again when the weather improves because of the views over Carsington.
See you next week.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Locko Park and Frosty Field

Somebody mentioned Denby Drury-Lowe pit last week and that sparked a conversation about the Drury-Lowes and Locko Park where they lived. It turns out 3 of us had never been there.
It was my turn to drive and we parked in the lay by just outside the main entrance. It was very frosty and -4 when we got there. The sun had still not broken the horizon and the clouds were taking on a lovely pink colour.
The route around Locko Park
It really is a lovely park with views of the hall across the lake. We stuck to the track and the footpaths and it was a good job it was frosty to make the surface across the fields hard enough to walk on without sinking. We went alongside the lake then followed the footpath up and through Icehouse Woods. From there it was across fields and a circular route back to the lake. We stopped at the lake for our breakfast and watched the birds including a heron on the other side of the water. Then it was back to the car.
Another great sky to start the day

Geoff & Ike

Gorgeous frosty scene

A stream from the lake

Rob & Ike heading up to Icehouse Woods

View of the Hall from Icehouse Woods

These structures are on the fringe of the woods

Geoff walking the plank

Ground frost 

Back light on these frost covered leaves.

Ike Rob & Geoff

Frost and furrows

These stalks are whats left maize

One that got away

Horse with its winter coat on

Locko Hall

  1. Locko Park is a privately owned 18th-century country house, near Spondon, Derbyshire. It is a Grade II listed building. The estate was acquired by William Gilbert from William Byrde in 1563. The oldest part of the house is the chapel of 1669. Wikipedia

Geoff having a warm cup of tea

Locko Hall 

These are tree roots 
This was another cracking little walk on a cold and frosty morning around Locko Park.
Just under 4 miles with a lot of different scenes.
See you next week