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Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Goyt Packhorse Bridge and a Beautiful Waterfall.

Another 06:00am start this week and the weather looked OK so we set off up towards Buxton and Errwood reservoir. We made our way along the single one way track alongside the reservoir until we got to a parking spot just beside the packhorse bridge over the river Goyt.
We had a wander around the bridge and then it started to rain, we went back towards the car where i spotted a lovely looking waterfall. While going up to the waterfall Ike had a slip on a muddy patch and turned his ankle which slowed him down a bit. The waterfall is only a couple of hundred yards away but the best viewpoint was from the other side of a stream flowing into the Goyt. We got a few pics then the rain came down heavier and we decided to call it a day and headed off for home.

This shrine by the roadside on the road down to Errwood reservoir.

View up the Goyt valley
One of the streams flowing into the river Goyt.

The old packhorse bridge that was moved to this spot when Errwood reservoir was built in the 1960s

Rob, Ike and Geoff


Geoff's car
Waterfall close to the bridge.

Today's walk was a bit of a washout but a great place to visit, we'll be back again when the weather is kinder and a bit more greenery on the trees. Not much in the way of pics this week only the bridge and the waterfall.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Edensor, Chatsworth Park and Carlton Lees.

I missed last week after being away in Scotland, so it was my turn to drive and for punishment it was a 06:30 start. Up the A6 through Bakewell and off towards Edensor via a single track road.
We parked in a bit of a lay by and a short walk up the hill brought us to an obvious old track with a Derbyshire Guide Stoop guarding the way. Alongside it was one of the modern companion stones well weathered. This track took us through Edensor across the main road and into Chatsworth Park. We walked along the river bank to the old mill then over the road and through the Carlton Lees car park and onto Carlton Lees.  From there it was a steady incline to Handly Lane and back to the car.

This weeks route

Guide Stoop from 1709

Modern companion Stone to the guide stoop

Note the fancy text on this stoop

The track down to Edensor

The spire off Edensor Church and the Chatsworth Park Hunting Tower in the background. 


Rob & Ike

Chatsworth Park

Our Rob in front of Chatsworth House

Chatsworth House 

The bridge to Chatsworth House

The Virgin balloon rising over the trees

One of the weirs

Second weir

The old mill ruins

Machinery in the old mill

Breakfast time

Time capsule not to be opened until 2100

Natural spring just above Carlton Lees

Ike under an old tree

This is under development

Carlton House. Note the horse mounting steps.

Felled trees

Pond with Moatless Plantation in the background

Lots of lambs around

The three wanderers heading up to Moatless Plantation on the top of the hill.

Ike & Rob

Cyclists coming up the lane.
Although the weather wasn't brilliant for photos at least it was dry and not too cold. We covered just over 6 miles with some great scenery (may be another trip in good weather when the leaves are on the trees.), we even spotted Minninglow in the distance.
A cracking walk, looking forward to next week.