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Sunday, 27 August 2017

A trip up to the Salt Cellar on Derwent Edge

We had an extra early start this week, all four of us set off in Geoff's car just after 05:00 and headed up through Bamford over the Ladybower Viaduct and parked up in the layby next to Cutthroat Bridge.There was a bit of mist around and cool to start with but it warmed up later. A nice steady climb from Cutthroat Bridge up to the Derwent Edge with loads of grouse about.When we got to the top of Whinstone Lee Tor there was a tent pitched much to our surprise. They must had had the best view from a tent in Derbyshire, a young lady emerged from the tent and told us the starry sky was awesome. We pushed on still climbing until we go to the Wheel Stones a very dramatic gritstone outcrop. Next on the list was White Tor and finally the Salt Cellar. We had our breakfast at the Salt Cellar, did a few pics then set off back to the car. The sun was up and getting very warm, top clothes were coming off and midges being dodged. We made a slightly different return passing many of the Grouse Butts and ended up meeting an old friend, one of the Derbyshire Guide Stoops not far from Moscar House.

This weeks route to the Salt Cellar

Misty start

Cutthroat Bridge

Looking south towards Ladybower

Win Hill in the distance



View from Whinstone Lee Tor looking up towards Derwent Dams

A ribbon of mist hanging over Ashopton Viaduct

Geoff, Ike, Rob and me

Camping on top of the world.

The Wheel Stones

White Tor

That big scar is Winnats Pass

The Salt Cellar with a bit of company

Breakfast time at the Salt Cellar


Robs back rest was a dislodged rock

View along the Derwent Edge

Me on the Salt Cellar

Not the famous Grouse

The whole of Win Hill on the horizon is covered in heather

Fell runner 

Grouse Butts

Win Hill in the distance


Guide Stoop

Heater and bracken

One of the many water courses heading for Ladybower


A great 6 mile walk with some stunning scenery and in good light / weather. The footpaths were generally ok with the odd area being a bit rough underfoot. Ascent of over 680 feet but loved every minute.