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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Bamford Edge & Derwent Dam

A change for this week i took my grandson Morgan and Son Paul up to Bamford Edge, something Paul has been after for a while. We left our house at 07:15 went straight up the A6, through Chatsworth Park, and onto Bamford. There's a little area to park next to the style at the start of the walk.It only takes about half an hour to get up to the spectacular view point overlooking Ladybower Reservoir. It was a slow steady climb from the car up to the edge, passing through bracken then moorland and even an unfinished millstone. The views of Win Hill and the reservoir was glorious with the heather in full bloom. We did a few pics, had our breakfast and saw 2 fell runners come running past then we headed back down to the car. I had my walking boots on but Paul and Morgan just had trainers on. Coming down a slippery part Morgan lost his footing and fell into some sheep s**t oh dear me. Not once but twice lol.
Back at the car we decided to go and have a quick look at Derwent Dam and parked in Fairholmes car park and had a brief walk up to the dam and the monument to Tip.

Track to Bamford Edge


Morgan & Paul

Win Hill over the valley

Abandoned Millstone


Morgan & Paul

Ashopton Bridge and Ladybower res down below. The very last pic shows this position from the other side of the bridge.

Morgan, me & Paul

Fell runners

Paul among the heather

Paul found some old sheep bones for Mia

Morgan & Paul

Me & Morgan

Paul & Morgan

Paul & Morgan with Derwent Dam behind them

Dambusters museum

The water level is very low, normally high up on the dam wall

Memorial to TIP the dog

Paul & Morgan

Morgan & Paul

This is Ashopton Bridge with Bamford Edge in the background, thats where we were right on the point.

A nice little walk with my grandson & son, first time Morgan has been anywhere like that and seamed to enjoy it. 

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