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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

One Ash Grange Farm

This week was a return to the same parking spot as the previous 2 weeks. We followed the footpath to Lathkilldale for 2 fields and then veered right and the footpath led us above the side of  Lathkilldale for a short distance then off towards One Ash Grange Farm.
One Ash Grange Farm was a medieval farm and a Quaker meeting place dating from the 12th century. It was originally settled by the Cistercian monks of Roche Abbey. 
Atmospheric Gateway to Lathkilldale

Medieval pig sty

I think this is supposed to be a monk in the garden

One Ash Grange Farm
Cold store used by the monks

Over view of One Ash Grange Farm

Spring is coming, they are stripping off

Breakfast stop

Fag break

Just look at those boots - shining!!!

Moneyash Church

2 old friends - Stoop and Minninglow.

We were certainly blessed with the weather this week - lets hope it continues.
We had more styles to climb over than we have ever encountered in the past and Geoff was just struggling a bit, so next week is going to be a bit easier.

Monday, 19 March 2012

The River Lathkill is Back

After a couple of weeks off for good behaviour we were back on the trail of the missing River Lathkill.
On the way there we encountered rain then a snow blizzard. By the time we parked up at the west end of Lathkill dale it had almost stopped raining.We set off along the well worn footpath, although it was a bit wet.
Just a couple of fields in the rocky ground gets a bit tricky to walk over being wet and slippery. It was especially tricky for the two old uns me and Geoff.
Difficult terrain over the rocks

Relief at getting through the rock field.
 After we got past the rock field area it was a lot easier to navigate the footpath.

This is a beautiful Dale.

Me on the dry bed of the Lathkill Dale cave.


Geoff squeezing through a style

Dipper posing for a pic

One of the many waterfalls on the Lathkill

Don't know what this is all about.

Footbridge at Batemans House.
Water in the Mandale Sough

Some body's been busy.

This is our breakfast stop in previous visits.

The bridge at Carters Mill with a small amount of water flowing through.

The ground around the Carter Mill bridge was covered with these lovely plants.

The sluice gate was open and made the river look very odd.

The weirs on the Lathkill

Geoff waiting for our lift.
Well we just wanted to see if the river was back and indeed it is. There was no water coming out of the cave , but it soon appeared further downstream. There was even a bit of standing water in the Mandale mine sough and a little coming out of the between Carters Mill and the weirs. It was odd to see the water channelled through the sluice gate on the second to top weir. After the grim start with the rain and snow it turned out to be a good morning.
Roll on next week.