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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Bamford Edge Revisited and a Temperature Inversion.

After the aborted trip last week due to the weather we were all looking forward to this morning's outing. We weren't sure where to go go except we thought somewhere high with good views, someone mentioned Bamford Edge so that was it. We stopped momentarily in Chatsworth Park to take a quick pic of the church steeple.was Rob's turn and it only took just over an hour to get parked up at 07:05. We took a different route this time and followed the footpath straight to the top of the hill then turned left and just followed our noses, we could see where the footpath was headed. Part way along the track we spotted a tent and our Rob went off track towards it where he had a good natter to the occupants. We 3 carried on to the Great Tor, i could see the inversion and wanted to get there before it melted away in the sunshine. When we got there the reward was unbelievable, a lot of the valley and the Ladybower Reservoir was covered in mist, just a magical scene.We took lots and lots of pics (my apologies for having so many). We met another photog up there Jonny Joyce (i have liked his cracking pics on facebook) and he also comes from Belper, such a small world. We had our breakfast with a view to die for. We chatted to Jonny for a bit more then headed back towards the car with a couple of photo stops along the way. We went back on the lower edge track and we soon got to the 2 campers, it turns out they are father and son doing a bit of wild camping. They told us they have been going out most weekends to different places, what a great example to the youngster. After chatting for a while we went back down the hill to the car. On the way back down to Hathersage we spotted some swallows gathering on the phone wires ready for there long trip south.

Early morning mist in Chatsworth Park

Our Rob's posh boot bag

Rising Sun

Getting up the hill

Sheep everywhere

First glimpse looking along the edge

Ike & Geoff

Rocks and heather

A grouse sat on a rock

Rob taking in the view

Another view along the edge with the hint of a temperature inversion.

Sun over the moors

Campers on the edge

Ike coming out of the sun

Win Hill on the horizon

Yorkshire bridge down in the valley with Win Hill above

Ladybower under the mist

Ladybower and the Ashopton Viaduct under the mist


Hope cement works



Breakfast time with a view

Could be on the menu if he gets any closer

Win Hill disappearing in the mist

The 3 amigo's Rob, Ike and Geoff 

The campers

Me living on the edge

Abandoned millstone

On the way down

This rock looks like its a sheep turned to stone

Rob posing with his car

A nice little walk just over 3 miles with stunning Derbyshire scenery in grand weather. 4 friends on a Sunday trek, what more can you ask for.
See you next week.