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Monday, 30 December 2013

Gardoms Edge and The 3 Men Cairns

This week we found ourselves back at the Robin Hood Car Park although a little later than planned because brother Rob decided to have a lie in. It was Ikes turn to drive and his car was covered in frost before we set off. We wanted to walk along the top of Gardoms Edge and take in the views.
This weeks route
Shiny boot competition
The first thing we did after arriving at the Robin Hood was to see who had the cleanest boots!! I think it was a tie between me, Rob and Geoff.
After leaving the car park its just a couple of hundred yards down the road to the footpath sign, over the style and a steady uphill walk. As we walked up the hill the sun was just rising over the hills at the far side of the valley.
Sunrise from Gardoms Edge

The warm light from the rising sun made the colours in the bracken stand out

This looks very like an old packhorse route up to the edge
When we eventually got onto the track on  Gardoms Edge the views were fantastic
All the views from Gardoms Edge are spectacular

All the views from Gardoms Edge are spectacular

Rob, Geoff & Ike

All the views from Gardoms Edge are spectacular

Brother Rob on the edge


Me getting ready for take off

All the views from Gardoms Edge are spectacular

No its not a modern highwayman on Gardoms Edge, its just Ike

Birch trees everywhere

Sheep's Skull

Sheltered from the wind for our breakfast stop

Magical sun rays through the woods

All the views from Gardoms Edge are spectacular

All the views from Gardoms Edge are spectacular

All the views from Gardoms Edge are spectacular

The Three Men are 18th century additions to a Neolithic oval barrow, the outer rim still quite visible. This is the only burial found within the Meg's Walls enclosure.
The 3 cairns are said to commemorate 3 shepherds who died on the moor

Came across this climber trying his luck  on this outcrop close to Gardoms Edge.

Moorside Farm with Birchen Edge in the background.
This was another great walk although only 3 miles we saw some fantastic scenes. We met a photographer taking some serious pics and a climber taking some falls ( 3 while we were there) We found out there are a couple of ancient stone artifacts close to where we have been, so that's a return trip planned to find them.
See you next week

Monday, 23 December 2013

Stanton in the Peak & Cauldwell's Mill

It was Geoff's turn to drive this week and he suggested a walk from Rowsley around Stanton and back to Cauldwell's Mill. Its not far up the A6 to Rowsley and it was still quite dark when we got there.
The route, just 4 1/2 miles
We parked next to the recreation ground behind the mill, got booted up and set off up the hill through Holly Wood towards Stanton Woodhouse. It was a steady incline to Stanton Woodhouse Farm with some lovely old buildings there. Continuing up the track we sighted the Earl Gray Tower on the edge of Stanton Moor. I was lagging behind taking pics when the other 3 were waving there arms around and pointing behind me, i couldn't see anything but when i got up to them i had been looking in the wrong direction. What i had missed was a group of adult red deer come out of the woods and down the hill away from me. We came out onto a road which took us up to Stanton in the Peak where we had breakfast on the green. After breakfast it was downhill all the way through Pilhough and past Peak Tor to Cauldwell's Mill and then back to the car.

Winter storage

We passed this huge new area of tree's

Looking into Stanton Woodhouse

Looks like something out of a Harry Potter movie

Stanton Woodhouse Farm

Stanton Woodhouse Farm

Stanton Woodhouse Farm

Silhouette of Riber Castle

Earl Gray Tower

Geoff, Ike and Rob

Its not a gnome its Geoff

Oh dear  Ike having a rest!!!

Lovely moon

One of the many quarries in the area.

View over towards Haddon Hall

Old church in Stanton in the Peak

These little outhouses across the road from some cottages.

We even had a table for this weeks breakfast

What ewe looking at?

Haddon Hall

Haddon Hall

This was some sort of viewing platform looking out over the valley

No badge on this car

First look at Peak Tor


Another shot of Peak Tor

Cauldwell's Mill over the river Wye. There's been a mill on this spot for over 400 years and the present mill was built in 1874 by John Cauldwell.

Peak Tor covered in tree's

The weir for Cauldwell's Mill

Cauldwell's Mill

Cauldwell's Mill

Blacksmith at work in the Mill complex

The Peacock 
On the way around we saw some great views of Riber Castle, Haddon Hall and somethings you wouldn't expect like a group of Alpaca's, a futuristic looking 3 wheel car, gnarled tree's and a blacksmith at work.
A great walk and lucky with the weather, it started to rain just as we got home. 4 1/2 miles through great changes of scenery.
See you next week.