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Monday, 25 April 2016

Hope to Win Hill

Last week we were at Lose Hill so this week we went just further around towards the dams and went to Win Hill. Another 06:00 start and straight up the A6 through Chatsworth Park, Baslow and eventually ending up at Hope, it only took an hour to get there and we parked on Edale road next to Hope Primary School. From there it was a short walk to Bowden Lane then just followed the footpaths up a very steep incline past Twitchill Farm then carried on up on the moor to Win Hill. On the way up we passed a Mistle Thrush near its nest quite high up in the fork of a tree. Sheep were feeding on what looked like sugar beet and there was even still a little bit of snow about. Win Hill (462M) is'nt as high as Mam Tor (517M) or Lose Hill (476M) but still never the less it is an easily recognized conical hill from miles around. The all round views from the top are stunning even looking down onto Ladybower reservoir and Ashopton Bridge.

This weeks route up and down Win Hill

Nice start to the day at Belper pre sun rise

Lamb looking for food from our Rob.

The track leading up to Twitchill Farm

Sheep among the sugar bet

Twitchill Farm

This pic dosen't quite show the steep angle of this hillside

Deep furrows from tractors

Getting past the tree line

Still a bit of overnight snow about

Ike puffing and blowing through the gorse

Ike & Geoff with the Hope Cement works in the background

Taking a breather while taking in the view.

Found a lone tree

Very old gatepost with a smattering of snow

Rob with the first view of the iconic Win Hill


Rob on the top of  Win Hill

Trig point with Ladybower Res down below in the Derwent Valley.

Me having  a breather

Ike & Geoff climbing the last few feet.

Just liked this in mono

Ladybower Res

Looking down the ridge towards Lode Hill and Mam Tor

Breakfast time sheltering from the cold wind

Trig point 

The black line is a shadow of a planes contrail

Another shot showing the trig point with Lose Hill and Mam Tor in the background.

The 4 of us with the trig point just visible behind me

Heading back down 

Coming back down from Win Hill

Track across the moor.

Ike & Rob


That tree on the way down with a much better sky

Mam Tor on the right and Lose Hill on the left
Geoffs car shot from the slopes of Win Hill
Hope Church shot from the slopes of Win Hill
That lone tree on top of Back Tor.
Winnats Pass shot from the slopes of Win Hill

Statue at Twitchill Farm

Old trough at Twitchill Farm

Feeding time

Engines at Earles Siddings 

Lost cat

Winnats Pass

Winnats Pass

Whenever we come through Cromford this chap is sitting in his chair just watching the world go by.
 We came back a different way and took the road through Winnats Pass, it really is something that place well worth the detour. Another cracking walk just over 3 miles but 1 1/2 miles of that is relentlessly up. It took an hour to get from Robs to park the car and another hour to leg it to the top of Win Hill but really well worth it. We've been up to Win Hill 3 times now and each time from a different route and this route is by far the easiest.
See you next week.