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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Beaurepaire Photography Club Outing to Three Shires Head

Six of us from the BPC had a great day out to he Three Shires Head and then onto Arbor Low. We set off from Belper Market Place at about 09:15 and picked Jan up on the way up the A6. Two cars with myself, Jan and Rich in Ian G's car then Samantha and Ian in Ian B's car. We parked up in a lay by on the A54, got booted up and crossed the road to the steep style into the field. Ian G had taken this route before so we just followed him down the fields off the official footpath until we got to the river footpath where it levelled out. It didn't take long to get to the  old pack horse bridge. There already were a few photographers down there. We spent quite a bit of time there taking pics from every angle. While we were there kids were splashing about under the bridge, motorbikes were riding over it and a couple then sat in the middle of the picture having there breakfast. There was a least 8 photographers waiting until they finished and moved off.
We set off back towards the car with quite a lot of stops on the way for pics. We came across a carcase of a long dead sheep nothing left but its bones. It was a bit of a slog back up the hill to the car in fact its over 320 feet in height from the bridge to the road.
Once back in the car we made our way to Arbor Low where we spent another good half hour stomping around. The cloud formations were quite dramatic and made some nice shots. We got back to the car and the funniest thing of the day when Rich lent against an electric fence, there was one huge yelp followed by a very quick acceleration away from the fence. IO bet Rich is still tingling!!!

Route to Three Shires Head

First steep style 

Jan doing a bit of climbing

The hills are alive with photographers....

Rare river species out in the sun

The river Dane downstream

Three Shires Head and the Pannier Pool

Kids  splashing


A couple having their breakfast

Ian, Sam, me, Jan, Ian G and Rich.

Rich, Jan, Sam and Ian B


Ian B and Sam

Arbor Low 


Ian G


 A cracking little walk to the Three Shires Head and back just around 2 miles with decent of 320 feet then ascent all the way back another 320 feet. Well worth the effort.