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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Crich and the new Ambergate Water Reservoir

Another frosty morning with a fine crescent Moon visible from our Robs. Geoff wanted to go and have a look at the construction site of the new reservoir being built at Bullbridge.We arrived at Crich market place at 07:45.  We followed the road up towards the fire station then onto the footpath that ran across the top of the old quarry. This footpath went across the fields to Chadwick Nick Lane. We crossed the road and went past the small enclosed reservoir, across the fields and into Bilberry woods. We kept the stone wall on the left and found a gap  to get closer to the construction site which was completely fenced off. After taking a few pics we headed back through the woods to Chadwick Nick Lane where we had our breakfast.  After our food and drink we went east down Chadwick Nick Lane to join Crich Road. and then through Crich Common and back to the car at the market place.
Route to the new reservoir
Crescent  Moon from our Robs

Crich Market place

Frosty Jeep car badge

Ike & Geoff
A snowy owl

Frosty wall
Crich Stand & Crich Church steeple

A biker with Crich Stand in the background
Alderwasley Hall in the sunlight

Rob helping Geoff over a wall
Riber Castle in the sunlight
Crich Stand


Mountain biker in the woods

The construction site shot from the Bulls Head at Belper Lane End

Ron & Ike looking at the construction site


Rob & Ike

Construction Site

Construction Site

Construction Site

Construction Site

Rob & Ike

View towards Alderwasley Hall over the Derwent valley

Rob & Ike

View towards Crich Stand
The Carsington wind turbines off in the distance

Ike & Geoff

A flight of Whooper Swans

The concrete plant 

Another entrance to the site

Crich Market Place

Old water troughs

Old water troughs

This was just over 2 3/4 miles this morning in quite cold conditions with one or two surprises along the way. Whooper Swans and a Snowy Owl, fabulous.
A cracking morning again.
See you next week.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Crich Carr, Wakebridge and Cromford Canal

There were only 2 of us this week, me and Geoff, Rob and Ike were off to Looms scrapyard on a mission  to salvage some car parts.
So Geoff picked me up at 07:30 and we parked in the same lay by that we parked in last week. There was no frost this week but it was still very cold, we walked to Chase bridge then headed up the same footpath that we did last week, but last week we turned right half way up track, this week we carried straight on until we reached the junction of the B5035 and Shaw's Hill. This was all uphill until we reached the footpath turning off Coddington Lane, across the fields  to Leashaw road. The route went through Wakebridge then down through the woods to Cromford Canal. We made a quick trip to Gregory's Tunnel before turning around and walking all along the canal back to the carpark.

This weeks Route

The first view across the valley

We were tired going up the hill, then he comes running past!!

Alderwasley Hall. A 15th century manor house, built by the Lowe family, which stood on the site was replaced with the present house in the late 18th century by Francis Hurt, (High Sheriff of Derbyshire 1788). His son, also Francis Hurt, was also High Sheriff. The house was made a Grade II listed building in 1967. The hall remained in the Hurt family until 1930, when they moved to Casterne Hall, Staffordshire and it was sold to a Benedictine Order to be used as a school Which it remained until 1976 when it became a Special School.

Lovely cottages

An old water trough

Primitive Methodist 1875

Looks like some development is going on here.

Riber Castle off in the distance with the sunlight reflecting off the windows
Riber Castle is a 19th-century Grade II listed country house situated in the hamlet of Riber on a hill overlooking Matlock, Derbyshire. Known locally as "Smedley's Folly" because of the difficulty of getting water to the hill summit, it was built by John Smedley in 1862 as his private home. His wife lived in it until her death.
It is built of gritstone from a local quarry (Derbyshire is well known for its quarrying) which was pulled up the 200-metre (660 ft) hill by a series of pulleys.
Plans to turn the shell into apartments received planning consent on 15 March 2006. The castle walls have now been secured, chimneys and floors rebuilt, 119 windows replaced and a roof added. It is expected that two show apartments will be ready some time in 2014


An unusual view of Crich Memorial Tower

This is the Childhood home of Florence Nightingale
In the Derbyshire Village of Lea, Lea Hall is the childhood home of Florence Nightingale. The hall, which has a 16th century rear part, and a magnificent 18th century front, has been completely restored and converted to self-catering holiday accommodation



Me, wrapped up against the elements

They made a lot of squealing noises when we walked past.

Some wonderful shaped trees in these woods

This area was dotted with abandoned cars and caravans 

Bridge over the canal (This black and white pic is for Sue)

A lovely greeting

Mr. & Mrs Swan

Gregory's Tunnel

Geoff at the tunnel

We had our breakfast at the tunnel and were visited by these looking for some tit bits

Never seen black ducks before

This is a mink trap

Sims Bridge

The remains of the old Whatstandwell railway platform

Bridge to the new Whatstandwell railway station


Chase Bridge

Car parked in the lay by
 This was 4 3/4 miles and was a nice walk with some great views. We saw quite a few squirrels and a lot of wildlife on the canal. We also bumped into a small party we talked to a couple of weeks ago.
See you next week.