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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Bakewell Station & Coombs Farm

There was 5 of us today, Me, Ike, Geoff along with Geoff's daughter Sally and her partner Brian. We all wanted a niece easy walk along dryish tracks so we plumped for Bakewell along the old railway track to Coombs Farm. We've been there a few years ago and i was expecting for the old farm to have perhaps been renovated but sadly not. We went back to Bakewell along the Coombs road and stopped just at the bridge for breakfast where we found a niece seat. From there it was straight back up Castle Hill to the car.

Route to Coombs Farm

Bakewell railway stat

This small stone emblem has the initials RM and date 1884

© G. Sheldon

Standing on the old track. Brian, Geoff, Ike and Sally
This is about where the above pic was taken (© G. Sheldon)

Railway bridge over Cooms Road

Whats left of Coombs Farm

Had this really interesting chat to the farmer and he told us a good bit of history of the old farm..

Sally & Ike


Dont know what the tracks are

Bakewell Church across the showground

Breakfast time

Bakewell bridge

Bakewell Bridge

160 miles to London

 Nice little walk this only 3 1/2 miles in good weather and just what was needed from the indulgences of Christmas. See you next week.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Lost in Lea Woods

Only 3 of us again this week and Geoff wanted to go back to Lea Woods and explore in a different area. We parked in the same spot walked along to the same footpath then took a left up the hill and ended up at Florence Nightingale's seat, but that's where we left the normal track and followed the fence line for about 20 minutes. The route eventually petered out so we came to a dead end and had to go back where we could see an opening in a wall below us. We had to scramble to get down to it and that's where we found the seat and had our breakfast. From there we headed along a track we knew (hoped) would take us to Gregory's Tunnel and it did. From there it was a straight walk along the canal towpath to the Aqueduct Cottage and then back up the Nightingale Arm of the Cromford Canal past Wharf Cottage then to the car.

Ike looking at the bird and bat boxes.

Unusual hinge on the bottom of this old gate post.

We think this is the childhood home of Florence Nightingale

Lost in the woods

Geoff and Ike

Another view of Lea Hurst 

Collection of cones

Geoff scrambling down a slope

We were heading for the gap in the wall


Geoff and Ike having breakfast

Looking down on Cromford Canal

The footpath goes over Gregory's Tunnel


Gregory's Tunnel

Geoff and Ike on top of the Tunnel

Gregory's Tunnel
Part of the Cromford Canal

We spotted a pair of Little Grebe's

Looks like a lock gate position

The metal aqueduct and southern end of the Lea Tunnel

Aqueduct Cottage

Take note of the great window dressings.

Lea Wood Pump House chimney

Northern end of the Lea Tunnel


Christmas Tree at Wharf Cottage

This is where the crane used to be to load/unload goods from the barges.

The notice outside of Wharf Cottage

Another cracking little walk, stomping through the woods, getting lost on paths not on the maps. We must have done about 3 1/2 miles in these old woods and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Merry Christmas everyone and see you next week.