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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Longstone Edge Revisited

Normal start time at 06:00 was delayed this morning due to one of our team still being in bed. We knocked at the door and had to ring him up to get some response. Well if you re still wondering who it was i can only tell you it is on the pain of death, that's right isn't it Geoff. We set off up the A6 not sure where we were going to but ended up at Longstone Edge where Geoff hadn't been before. It was a lovely morning the sun had just come up although there was a bit of haze in the distance which just didn't move all morning. We took the lower route from the car park along an old track which eventually after a lot of ups and downs ended up at High Rake quarry. The map showed Deep Rake was the next one along so we decided to have a look. We investigated and came to the conclusion that this rake had been back filled some time ago.  One of the fields we passed through was full of cows and sheep and some of the cows were a  lovely red colour, Ike tells me they are Lincoln  Reds.When we got to the bottom of this field we decided to have our breakfast and that's when i thought we were the animals in the zoo when they all came to us and watched us have our breakfast. After breakfast we took the track that lead us to the settling reservoirs that belonged to Cavendish Mill. We had to walk all around this huge "Pond" although it didn't hold a lot of water it was more like sludge. There were lots of warning signs including "Thin Ice", "Deep Water", "Deep Sludge" and even "No Swimming". We passed a farm where they were getting lambs ready for the market tomorrow at Bakewell. From there it was about a 20 minute walk back to the car where the car park was now full.

Route around Longstone Edge


Geoff, Rob & Ike

Ike, Geoff

This could have  been for tethering horses

Rob checking the map

High Rake quarry

A Lincoln Red


A Lincoln Red

Breakfast at the zoo

Breakfast at the zoo

Snail and orange

Rob sitting on Ruby's Chair.

Burdock bush. This is where the Burdock comes from to make Dandelion and Burdock

This is the flower of the Burdock plant

Sludge Tanks

Sheep in the pen


Cyclist coming up the hill

Car park is now full.
A cracking walk just under 5 1/2miles and a  place we found where Geoff had't been before.
See you next week