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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Bamford Edge in the Mist

The weather didn't look to good with the mist hanging and we weren't sure where to go. We have wanted to go to Bamford Edge for a few  weeks now because Rob hasn't been up there. We thought the mist might lift or we would get above it so off we went. We parked up just after 07:00 and the mist didn't look any better but we went for it anyway.  The bracken was a lot higher than it was the last time i was up here and the mist had made it damp so we got slightly wet coming through the bracken. It didn't take long to get up to the top on Great Tor where you normally have a fantastic view but unfortunately today we could only see about 100 feet and it just didn't clear. We walked a bit further then started heading back and found a suitable spot to have our breakfast. After breakfast we headed back down to the car where we met another walker who had just parked up. We had a good natter and luckily for him the mist was starting to clear a bit. We decided to drive back via Higger Tor so we had a nice trip along the narrow lanes and by this time we could see a little of the landscape and lovely it was too. We drove along the road that runs parallel with Stanage Edge which we could barely see through the mist. We drove past Surprise View and around past the Frog Stone then down past the entrance to the Longshaw Visitor Centre and then back on the road home.

This weeks route

Ike's turn to drive

The footpath leading through the bracken

Ike and Geoff on the slopes of Bamford Edge

Ike peering through the mist

One of the abandoned millstones

Rob thinking thats a long way down

Heather clinging to the edge

Spider's been busy

The 3 boys in the mist

Breakfast stop

Geoff with Bamford Edge in the background

Unfortunately for our Rob the mist didn't clear so he never got to see the fantastic view from the Great Tor looking down onto Ladybower Res. I suppose there'll be another time when the weather is better. When we got back into Belper, yep youv'e guessed it the sun was bloody shining, that's life.
See you next week

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Quick Visit to Stanton Moor & Whitworth Park

We had a bad start today, when i arrived there, Rob and Geoff were up and about but no sign of Ike. We went down to his house which was in darkness and knocked on the door, then i phoned him. He answered and said he would be half an hour but it didn't end there, he had been out the night before and couldn't drive so we switched weeks and i drove. We set off after 06:40 and because of the late start and the weather we ended up at Stanton Moor. We only got just past the Corkstone when we got caught in a load of rain out on the open moor. We carried on to the Nine Ladies Stone circle and took a bit of shelter under the wishing tree.  After the rain eased off we carried on the circular route back to the car where we decided to have our breakfast in the shelter of some trees. It was still quite early so we decided to call in and have a little wander around Whitworth Park in Darley Dale. This is a really nice park with a sizable pond where we spotted a heron. We headed back to the car and home. Guess what it had hardly rained in Belper and we were like drowned rats, that's life.

The Corkstone

Loads of heather in in full bloom

Rob, Geoff and Ike in the rain


First glimpse of the Nine Ladies

The Nine Ladies Stone circle and the Wishing Tree

One of the many items hanging from the wishing tree

Rob, Ike& Geoff looking at the info board



Back at the Corkstone

Coming out of the quarry

Breakfast time

This is in Whitworth Park

First glimpse of the heron in Whitworth Park

We intended to go to Bamford Edge this morning but a late start and the weather was against us so we improvised with a couple of short walks in the drizzle. Still an enjoyable morning where we put the world to rights as  usual.
See you next week.