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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Crumpwood Weir and the Pedal Powered Lawnmower

Last week we got a glimpse of Crumpwood Weir from high up on the opposite side of the valley, so we thought this week deserved a visit.
It was Robs turn and we ended up parked not far from the old Alton railway station. The intention was to walk along the old Leek to Utoxeter railway track. to Crumpwood Weir then follow on the Staffordshire Way and end up back in Alton.
This weeks route to Crumpwood Weir

Alton castle on the hill

Steps down to Alton railway station

Alton castle

Alton railway station

Strange looking pheasant

Builders mark on the stones

Crumpwood Weir was built on the River Churnet to make it deeper, so that the Utoxeter Canal could cross through it. Boats would be let down into the river through Weir Lock, towed across the top of the weir and let back into the canal through the flood lock on the far side. The canal opened in 1811 but was financially unsuccessful, closing in 1849 after selling out to the North Staffordshire Railway. Crumpwood Weir is a grade 11 listed structure.

Derelict cottage beside the weir

Footbridge to the cottage

Pumping station

Inside the pumping station

This is definitely a lock from the old canal

Parts of the lock


Ike & Rob

Rob getting through the style with the electric fence either side

Geoff, me & Ike

This is an old salters packhorse route

You wouldn't expect to see this in the countryside.

This was our breakfast stop

The Alton lock up

Edward 7th Post box.

This is Rob with his pedal powered grass cutter.

And this believe it or not is a pedal powered washing machine.

Got to be some old sluice gates

Back to the car.
This walk was just over 4 1/2 miles and really interesting with the old canal, railway track and the weir. But the best was meeting Rob with his pedal powered machinery.
See you next week.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Up, Up and Away in my Beautiful Balloon

Just been on a fab treat with my wife on a Virgin balloon flight from Bakewell. This was a present for our Golden Wedding back in March.
We had to meet at Bakewell show ground at 17:30. The balloon on trailer turned up at 17:25 and after registration we had to unpack it and help to get it ready for flight, everyone got involved and it was a good bonding effort with fellow passengers.
After all the safety talks and instructions the balloon was inflated and ready to go.
The wind was blowing sort of north west so we zoomed off in the direction of the village of Sheldon and the Magpie mine. I took loads of pics of the whole event from unpacking to packing away and celebrating with a goblet of champagne.

Mary in the basket

Bakewell Church

Ashford in the Awter

Love is tree shaped

Sheldon and Magpie Mine top right

Magpie Mine


Lead mine workings in Deep Dale

Celebration time

We flew over towns, villages, churches, rivers animals and all sorts of things, then it was over all to soon with a gentle bump. Thanks to Pierce the Pilot and his ground crew, a great experience