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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Pikehall on the High Peak Trail

It was Geoff's turn and we decided to park up at Pikehall then walk to Minninglow where we ended last weeks walk and carry on up the High Peak Trail on a different route back to the car.
All went well, it was dry but cold and we were on a solid surface with just a gentle incline (well it would be on an old railway track). The walk started along part of the lanes we had trod once before a couple of years ago when we were looking for the lost guide stoop of Pikehall. We went past the remains of the old lime kiln, now a bit further up the track our Rob decided he wanted his necker and his gloves on because it was very cold. Ike rummaged around in Robs rucksack to get out the said items, all sorts of stuff ended up on the ground including one of his own gloves, he wouldn't pick it up because he said it was bad luck WHAT!!. Anyway Rob donned his gloves and necker then we carried on until we got about half a mile further up the road then Ike stopped in his tracks and shouted I've left my "*?*! stick. It appears when we stopped to get Robs stuff out of his rucksack Ike stuck his stick in the ground while he rummaged looking for his stuff. He wanted to go back and retrieve it but that would have taken about another 40 minutes, so Geoff said when we get back to the car we'll drive to it and get it back. We carried on past Minninglow embankment where we had our breakfast last week and onto the Minninglow car park where we stopped for this weeks breakfast. From here it was plain sailing to get back to the car without incident. Back in the car we went to the spot where Ike thought he had left his stick and it was still where he had left it. I must say at this point Ike has had this stick for some time now and he is very attached to it (I've even heard he takes it to bed with him lol) He was very relieved to get it back.

Route around Pikehall

Ruins of the Pikehall lime kiln.


The iconic Minninglow in the distance.

Checking the map

This way or that way.

The 3 Amigo's


Minninglow from the other side of the embankment

Geoff next to the old crane

Old railway milepost

This the Minninglow Sidings embankment


Down the track from the Minninglow car park

Breakfast time


Apparently this used to be the tightest curve on British Rail when it was in operation. Near Gotham farm.

Ike got his stick back

Again another lovely walk which would be spectacular in good light and warmer times. We saw a couple of buzzards and a bird we couldn't identify, it was bigger than a kestrel but smaller than a buzzard, definitely a bird of prey though. Only 4 1/2 miles this week but very enjoyable.
See you next week.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

The High Peak Trail & Minninglow

It was Ike's turn this week and as usual for this time of the year we set off at 07:00 again with an extra passenger with Geoff's daughter Sally. After a discussion where to go it was decided we would park up at Harborough Rocks and walk along the High Peak Trail. Its a very flat trail and generally a hard surface so no mud. It was dry and very warm but the wind was gusting quite severely at times almost blowing me over on a couple of occasions. Unfortunately once again the light levels were very poor with just drab grey skies which doesn't help for decent pics. There are some lovely views along this stretch of the trail well worth going again when the weather pics up and some greenery on the tree's.

Route to Minninglow

Harborough car park

Just needs a bit of polyfiller in that crack

Had to give it the mono look

Apparently this is a WW2 look out post

Where trains once thundered along.

Sally taking in the view

Watering station for the steam engines

Old railway building of some sort

About 20 of these little sporties came blasting by while we were going over the bridge.


Gateway to Minninglow

 Minninglow is a round barrow containing Neolithic burial chambers. This Derbyshire Low originally began life as a single chamber with a small mound comprised mainly of limestone probably during the Neolithic period. It was later covered by a long cairn with four chambers and later still converted into a massive circular mound, perhaps during the Bronze Age.

Looks like the remains of some sort of kiln

Geoff & Sally

Looks a bit like a lime kiln in the foreground


The Minninglow embankment a huge stone wall to support the railway

Breakfast stop

Remains of an old track side crane

Sally running

The back of the Minninglow Embankment

Heading up to Minninglow


View from minninglow

Into the inner circle of tree's

Geoff & Sally

Rob & Ike

Sally in one of the burial chambers

Me with new hat



Now we found some mud, just for Ike


Rob & Ike 

This scene was begging for some black & white treatment

Looks like Geoff is doing a sprint at nearly 79 he should be taking it easy.

Bit of a ramshackle location 

Sally snapping some sheep

Gateway in slightly better light.

Back to Harborough Rocks

This was a lovely walk 7 1/2 miles in very windy conditions and one of the surprises was to see and hear some skylarks singing near Minninglow. A sign that spring is coming.
See you next week.